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Commentaire constructif pour Mount&Blade Warband

Cette page est pour mes commentaire constructif (Genre 1000 mots et +) qui sont trop long pour que je puisse les poster sur steam et c'est TOUT. (et ils sont sûrement en anglais.

Commentaire 1 : Taille des Bandit
Maybe you could make some kind of formule that the enemy BANDIT size are a little random around the number of soldier the player have with a minimum, 

Example I have an army of 100 soldiers including myself, 
So I will found bandit army that have number of bandit who vary from 90 to 110, but if I am along or with 2-9 soldier, there will be 9-10-11 bandit, per group, so it's random but if the player is alone of less than 10 soldier, he will not be in a 1v1 more like 1v10.

So if you can do that, the player will
Not have 1v1 fight
Or 1v400 fight
But not also 2000v400
More like 100v100
Cause it's little random, between 9-11 at start and later (like 50+ soldiers) it will be a random number of ennemies based of the number of soldier the player will have with a limit of -10 below and +10 above the player current soldiers.

If I think of an equation it will be / Enemy party size = Player's soldiers - 10 +Random number between 1 and 20.

I think with that a coder (Maybe you maybe not you) will be able to do that code in the game.
and made it more equal as in the end game you have a so badass army that you litterally crush the bandit

And for the kingdom's army I could take effect when the player is at 150+ soldier's


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